All hands on brand

Started reviewing ideas yesterday, but only today started working on the brand.

First things first: decide the name. Ran a selection of names through friends and family to avoid only English-natives. Got VERY different opinions on the same names and confirmed that early feedback on work in progress is a good thing. Helps filter out the wheat from the chaff and it all boiled down to a couple of options.

And the winner is Yummelier! Yup. Resulting from Yum + Sommelier, as in someone (or something) you would ask for advice on great food/taste pairings.

Luckily, the name is unique enough (for better or worst) that I managed to grab the .com domain plus the matching real estate on major social networks. Woohoo!

Now on to building the visual brand.

I have to say that I’ve been reading what seems like a good book on the topic called Build a brand in 30 days*. With this book (so far) I’ve learned that deciding the name was definitely not the first thing to do. There’s plenty more thinking and exercises to do when creating a brand. Now I might have to fudge it a little bit.

This is a referral link for Amazon that will give me a commission, if you buy the book.