So… let’s try this again

It’s the middle of February, so it should still be ok to start a New Year goal. Right? 😬

I’ve been wanting to launch this project for years but haven’t taken the commitment seriously enough to make it a priority.

So this is the year. I’m going to follow my own advice and launch Yummelier. I’ll also be applying my MVP in one month method to create something small and useful with a time constraint (yeah, shameless plug 🔌). Which means by the start of March a new product will be online.

My usual problem has been not setting time aside to work on this regularly. Fortunately, I have clients that pay me for work on office hours, so this is a side project done late at night, as I find time around my 👶kid with a Southern European schedule (ie, rarely in bed before 10pm). Not making excuses, just being real with expectations.

It’s only been four years since I started working on this side project. 😅 The last time I posted here was just a year after that… Yep, I can hear 💩"Shame! Shame! Shame!" in the background.

In essence, this means a lot of the work done, is now ancient and broken.

The UX still feels solid but the UI needs a little work. The backend is small and still works but will benefit from a good refresh to keep security and privacy in check. Anything Javascript from 3 weeks ago is already outdated. So the React frontend from 3 years ago? Well… it’s not even worth looking into. I’ll start that from scratch.

So the plan is to work, work, work and update you on progress, every week. You can follow the progress here on this website, on Twitter and on IndieHackers.

See you soon.