But first, clean it up

Although I had a version of the backend API done a couple of years ago (!), it was a rookie version. I had very little experience with Laravel at the time, so make plenty of mistakes and the result was a patchwork of copy and paste solutions that I didn’t really understand. 🤦‍♂️

After a good code scan and enough frustration after trying to update all dependencies to current versions, I gave up. It was easier to start from a fresh copy of Laravel and build only the minimal feature set that the app requires.

And so I did. It took me six long nights to get here 💪, but I got it working in a simple codebase that I understand and feel comfortable with.

There’s surely more to be added on the backend once I start building the frontend. I still need to build the admin panel. I’m good friends with Terminal.app but I prefer a more visual and user-friendlier tool. I’m going to use Nova for that. Used it before on a much more complex project and loved the simplicity of it.

For now, this will do as a backend. Next stop is UI redesign or, probably, UI realign is more fitting 🧐. The work done many moons ago is still valid from a UX perspective, but needs tweaks to align with current market needs and expectations. So, next stop is UI stuff 🦄.

See you next week.