Sorting out the visuals

Lately, I’ve been getting more interested in traditional methods of design. Using again just my hands, paper and pencil. And eraser. A lot of erasing. But it’s been fun, above all.

Nice hand lettering and calligraphy is something I’ve lost throughout my digital years. So I’ve been learning and practising enough of lettering that I even started felling muscle pains on my writing hand. The digital world has been rotting me. Anyway…! I digress.

All this to say that I’m following a more natural/organic lettering for the brand logo but the brand colours are less natural and more exciting.

I’m biased, but it’s looking good. At least I’m getting (mostly) positive feedback from a crop of the logo posted on my Instagram and Dribbble accounts. I know, I know, confirmation bias and all, but should be on the right path.

Famous last words? Let’s hope not.