Sketching the UX

Now that I got the brand basics right-ish, it’s time to focus on the app itself.

Maybe because I prefer the Android side, I’m also leaning towards a more material design approach to the app interface.

I like most of the UX solutions provided and believe it’s a solid working foundation. So yes, I’m using some of the material design ideas but want to avoid just copying over from Google.

Picked up the notebook where I scribbled and sketched some initial layout ideas back in July. Revised the ideas, kept the ones that still align with the vision and scrapped everything else. Then I sketched it all again in a much cleaner and real version of what the app needs to be.

I’m glad I never went through the old days of UX documentation and skipped ahead to the startup world and lean UX, where everything is in constant flux and never set in stone.

It’s not always easy, but it keeps me (agile) on my toes. It also forces me to be more acceptant of change and even being OK with scrapping days-worth of work. Something I would (really) not be happy about some years back.

I’ll keep sketching away.