Desiging sketches

Hello 2017!

It’s been 6 months since I started putting the first UX ideas on paper and considering the product viability. Between work, travel and Christmas got this delayed a lot. (Laaaaazy!)


Today started designing the interface with a mobile-first responsive approach. Following the assumption that this product will be used primarily on mobile phones either on the street looking for places to eat, or already looking at the food menu.

And no, this does not mean mobile-first, desktop-worst. I’m aware of too many web apps that look great on mobile but then just carry over the design solutions and stretch them horizontally to fill a larger screen (eg: hamburger menu).

In matters of tools, for UI design I’m using Sketch (Obviously! I never used Photoshop for UI work. Went directly from Fireworks to Sketch. Anyone else?). And for prototyping, I’m using InVision* with the Craft plugin for Sketch. It makes user testing and iterating design so much easier.

Again, I’m feeling rusty on my design chops and keep learning loads with the whole process of creating this digital product for my new business. And as with any new business, it’s an experiment that can go both ways on the scale of success.

Now, back to work!

* This is a referral link that will give you $25 InVision credit and a free t-shirt for me, if you sign up.