Let’s build it

Summer! Won’t last much longer. Yet it’s time for another long-due update.

Already 6 months went by and I didn’t write any journal updates. I’ve been working on a client project which consumed much of my daily dose of available focus and yes, I’ve been a little lazy.

In a more positive light, I’ve started building a prototype. Yey!

Started with the backend API. Since I’m more comfortable with PHP and Laravel, decided to go it for this product. It’s a stable framework with well-written documentation and a large community to support. Yes, it’s PHP yadda yadda yadda, but I’m sure no alternative is perfect.

On the frontend, decided this was a great project to do a full dive in React. I’ve done some little “apps” here and there, but nothing serious to go into production. So this is it. Also, this sounds like a reason as good as any to try React Native, if I end up releasing this as a native app for Android and iOS.

Detour: in the past 4 months I also built an Angular 2 web app hooked to a Laravel API and enjoyed it, especially coming from an AngularJS background, but I need to test the waters and see what else is out there. Being a freelance developer also means I have to remain relevant to the market needs if I want to keep doing this independently.

So there you have it, a “quick” update on the current state.

If you want early access to this app, just request an invite below.

Back to work!