Epics & stories

Crap. It’s been a while. Between family visiting and joyful weekends, ended up getting sidetracked for a couple of weeks.

But today was a productive day. Back to work on lean planning. Mainly writing epics and breaking them down into user stories.

This is usually the product owner's role, so I’m wearing that hat today. To keep things clear and easy, using my go-to hammer for organising lists: Trello*.

Trello stories (pixelated)

(For now, I pixelated the user stories to protect the idea. Once the app goes live, I’ll reveal the cards.)

As I mentioned in the last post, there are four personas defined at this stage of the product: Sarah (the foodie), Luigi (the chef), Jeff (the young dad) and the Owner / Admin / Support (me!).

Sarah is so far the most demanding persona. Alone she owns 47% of the user stories I wrote. I think she’ll keep me busy for the upcoming months.

To learn more about UX personas, I suggest reading the book Lean UX**.

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