And then there was a virus

So… how’s the weather over there? How many times have you washed your hands today? Skin so dry that it started cracking? Get a good hand moisturiser, use it often and your hands will get better. 🌞

Here in London, it’s still cold but the sun has been shinning often, which makes it a lot harder for everyone to self-isolate indoors. As of this writing, my family and friends are all ok, and (maybe?) still not infected by the world-famous coronavirus.

I’ve slowed down development on Yummelier again as priorities changed and we’ve started adjusting to this new life. Contrary to thousands of people nowadays, I’m fortunate to still have clients paying for my time 💰. But my usual days working from home changed a little as both my wife and son are also home all day. A lot more cooking, baking, cleaning, playing, planning and online shopping on top of a regular workday 🤯. So my focus is all over the place, which drains more brainpower and ends up making me less productive. 😴

As no one knows how long this state of affairs will last and plenty of restaurants started collapsing from having zero customers for weeks, I’m also unsure of the direction this project will take in the coming months.

The launch planned for the end of March (or even during Spring 2020) is not going to happen 🚧. I’m still working on it and posting updates here, but until the dust settles and the world finally handles this virus, there’s no point in launching a new product. People will have a lot more to worry about then taking notes on culinary experiences.

In the meantime: stay home, stay safe and keep washing your hands regularly 👐.