One step

Today I decided to really do something about an idea.
An idea I’ve had for a while but only started taking shape a few months back.

What started some 8 years ago as random notes stored in my Evernote*, gradually grew into its own dedicated notebook with some added structure.

Evernote stack (pixelated)

Just like many others living in cities, I’m spoiled with options every time I go out for lunch or dinner. And once I arrive at the venue, another dilemma comes up: what to choose from the menu. There are usually lots of options, all looking good but there’s only so much you can (afford to) eat in a meal.

And how about when you go back to the same place and want to order something else, or maybe the same thing you ordered last time? But what was it?

That’s part of the problem I’m trying to solve with this app. Yes, it’s a good "problem" to have and feels like a good exercise to solve. So, I’m on it!

Following the idea of Jonnie Hallman with the Cushion journal, I will use this journal to keep track of the life of this app.

The thought process and the decisions made will be recorded here as honest and transparent as possible. Sure that I’ll be learning a lot in the process, I hope this might be useful for someone else also trying to bring their idea to life.

One step at a time.

* This is a referral link for Evernote that gives you and me a month of Premium features, if you sign up.